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Creating Creative Flower Pots from Pet Bottles

Did you ever think you could use pet bottles as pots? You can benefit from the pet bottle pots that come with creative ideas from each other in your garden or home. Plastic Bottles Flowerpot Ideas You can turn pet bottles into halves by cutting them in half and opening …

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20 Great Ways to Recycle Pet Bottles

How to recycle the life-long unlikely pet bottles to restore our lives. I didn’t think of using pet bottles for yourself,” but i changed my decision after seeing the projects shared with you.> There are dozens of ways to evaluate pet bottles, but the most successful ones are pots . …

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Making of Plastic Bottles

Renkli plastik şişeleri kullanarak çok güzel kalemlikler yapabilirsiniz. Daha önce birçok kalemlik yapımı paylaşmıştık ama bu sefer ki gerçekten çok basit ve hoş bir tarif. Kendin yap kalemlik için öncelikle rengini şeklini beğendiğimiz plastik şişenin ağız kısmını kesiyoruz. Daha sonra önceden ısıttığımız ütünün altına ağız kısmını bastırarak keskinliğini azaltıyoruz ve …

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Do It Yourself: We Made Flower Bottles From Glass Bottles

Eeee summer temperatures are now our new address balconies and gardens. This summer I decided to speed up the projects” of your own> which we took a long break with. I hope this will continue. I was expecting to move into my new home for the flower project I wanted …

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How to make a lampshade from alcohol bottles?

Abajur Dizayn, who makes beautiful lampshades from each other with elegant drink bottles, puts in mind a beautiful idea that everyone can produce at home. Actually, you can do it by purchasing electric parts and lampshade hats, or you can make a small amount of money in an electrician, but …

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26 Yourself Project To Evaluate Wine Bottles

Although you can write wine bottles in the title, you can see the projects you will see here with all the glass bottles. We always enjoy creative self-made projects within the scope of the old ones . Inspiration from what others have done creates a desire to do better. Wine …

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