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Suggestions for 1 Year Old Birthday Party

Your baby is now 1 year old and now it’s party time! ūüôā The first year for mothers is very fast, and therefore the baby’s birthday party is much more special. Yes, this birthday party is for parents because a 1 year old child will not understand anything and will …

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birthday       That's how you make a chicken invitation card

That’s the cluck! With this invitation card in chicken form invites your birthday guests in style for a farm party GEOmini Extra Cut the tail feathers from a paper plate and beak, comb and wattles from the box, as shown in the picture. Fold another paper plate in the middle …

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birthday party       So you make a shark invitation card

Careful, snappy! Look into the shark’s mouth to read the invitation on the map. We can make the map for you, we show you in this craft manual GEOMINI Snappy invitation: The shark invitation card To craft the invitation card you need: scissors Glue white, red and gray cardboard Greaseproof …

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party       Horse Birthday Cards

You want to organize a horse party and looking for an idea for the right invitation cards? Then we would have a nice craft instructions! pixabay Invitation cards for the horse birthday For crafting you need: dark brown construction paper light brown construction paper white construction paper a black, thin …

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birthday       Astronaut map

You want to take off and celebrate an astronaut birthday party? We will provide you with the matching drinks card! GEOMINI For the card you need: big pieces of cardboard acrylic paint adhesive scissors brush Soda or juice bottle a thick felt-tip pen How to make the astronaut card: GEOmini …

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