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Necklace Making Flower Basket Model

Necklace Making Flower Basket Model One of the jewelry models you will prefer to use especially in summer is the flower pendant model, you don’t just think of it as a pendant, you can decorate your buckles, you can make ornaments in your bags, you can use it in different …

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Making Basket with Newspaper Weaving Technique

It is possible to change your houses and belongings by making your own different design methods and it is possible to do new ones in our gallery. You can create boxes with the technique of newspaper weaving. You can complete the designs of your rooms. Here are your new boxes …

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Basket Making

Ladies, I brought you an interesting subject. We are a basket making of newspapers. Yeah, I know you were a little surprised when you read the title. Because when I encountered this type of writing, I was surprised at how this happened. But I read it, I learned. Now I’m …

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Basket Weave Making

Today, I would like to show you how to make basket weave from thin bar. Our people have been very interested in handicrafts. Nowadays, for example, the most popular, handmade, knitted bags. Not just a bag, of course. There are many kinds of handicrafts. For example, it is possible to …

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Knitting Basket with Pipettes

Using a pipette, you can easily create a basket. Just follow the steps in the image to create a basket using a pipette. You can put your baskets into your kitchen by storing them in your bathroom and you can keep your little things lost. woven basket with pipettes

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