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Stylish Choker Necklace Making


Stylish Choker Necklace Making

Dear friends, many of my friends on facebook facebook page to contact me could not make this model and video, they could not shoot, unfortunately I could not pull this video. But I have drawn and prepared the template for those who want to.

They are right to want friends who want this model. Because the model stands quite ostentatious and stylish. I did not do this model, but I’ll do in the future will definitely make you recommend.

yapmıştık daha önceden isterseniz o” modelede> bir bakın sizlere ilham olucaktır. I do not know the exact size of the beads used, but a model made of crystal beads We would like to make a” model similar to this we thought it would be easier if you want look>at” the> model” before you will be inspired.>

! Places to pay attention to those who want to do ! As you can see in the template, the model consists of nine ordinary, the number of sand beads in the middle of the template may be inequality, do not consider it. Proceed with seven beads in the first row and continue by increasing one or two beads in each row.


Materials of this model

  • 11/0 sand bead
  • 4 mm crystal beads
  • Drop beads
  • Sand Bead Needle
  • : ben 60 numara oya ipi kullanıyorum Nylon Rope, Note : I’m using a 60 number needlepoint rope Fuck-valuable necklace-template

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