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Stubborn Child Isn't Always Bad

Raising a child; labor, patience, understanding and affection. Our children, no matter how old their age, we are always children in our eyes and this cultivation lasts a lifetime. We live countless and different phases and at every stage we can understand something better with them: the value of our parents.

First of all we need to know that whatever your child is doing, remember that he is a child and will go through certain stages throughout his life. One of the most difficult of these “period of stubbornness! Lard

Try to understand your children
Children begin to walk, talk and perceive their environment, in other words they are the most vicious, mischievous and obstinate. The children’s favorite word for those ages is no. Because our children, a kind of personality against us, begin to give a war of individuality. In fact, the stubborn child is not always bad. Persistence is a reflection of the struggle for self-determination and self-pity within him. At this point, the biggest task to you is to try to understand it and to go to a little bit of water, to stay away from stubbornness.

Eliminate your sharp lines
In this period, your child will have to oppose everything by doing whatever they want and it will be a big problem for the child. You shouldn’t have sharp lines for your children. You must reach agreement, compromise and middle way. Punishing him every time he gets stubborn or persecuting him is merely making your child well. It’s actually a much easier way to soften it with more tolerance, attention and love.

Your behavior must be consistent
First of all, it should always be on one side of your mind that stubbornness in children is a temporary condition. It will be a period, and after a time the sea will focus, the waters will clear again. You should approach your child with this awareness and be consistent in your behavior. If you say no to tomorrow’s behavior today, your child cannot learn which behavior is good or bad.

Now it’s time to pamper yourself and your child
We know that you and your child were tired. You are not going through a simple and simple process. How would you like to relax while you are following our advice? Thanks to activities for children, both your child’s pressure of this stroke can be suppressed a little, and this psychological war, which is mutually experienced, is replaced by fun and pleasure. How Does? Thanks to Pakolino’s 3-7-year pedagog approved activity box. The activity boxes, which offer activities for children with different themes from month to month, support the seven main development periods your child needs during the preschool period. Your child’s small and large motor muscles can be a member of the activities box for the children who benefit greatly from the discovery, creativity, research, language and emotional development. No matter what period they are, the best gift you can give your child is the time you will spend with them, because they will remember the memories you have shared, not the gifts you received after many years.

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