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Strawberry Trio Young Room

The rooms of the imagination of young people are as colorful and varied as they are now. Thanks to the models and colors that are renewed every year, it becomes more enjoyable to spend time in the rooms with our comfort area. This year, Strawberry, especially young and children’s room is assertive. Strawberry Children’s Room Sets ; romantic, flora, ruby, dark metal, dynamic, royal, active, mocha, sultan and called trio. No doubt; One of the models to decorate” the young room> will be the trio.

  1. Brotherhood of Warm Red, Warm Blue and Cold Gray

The design uses three primary colors and their shades, which are characterized by soft colors. You can feel the balance that rests on the environment with the refreshing effect of the blue and the red.

  1. Both Nostalgic, and Futuristic

If you look at the decoration of the room in detail; typed with typewriters and plaques, an old radio and so on. This room smells of nostalgia, there is also a futurist decorated with geometric shapes. In other words, it can be said that it makes a medium stability that makes it possible for you to put the room set into each mold.

  1. Not a free space

The Trio from the Strawberry young room suite creates plenty of room for you, regardless of the size of your room, with a box-up bed and trio-pull puff. If your preference is to have a bed-free cot, you can choose more than one wardrobe or laundry. The cot; Three different sizes are available: 140×200, 100×200 and 120×200.

  1. Lower Bed for Hosts

Instead of a cot bed; If you want to have a place where my friend, my guest will lie, the trio with or without compartment is the right bed. Under the bed you can put in the compartments of this additional bed which has three compartments under the bed. You can also chat by sitting on two of the pillows.

  1. Classroom Work Table

Strawberry Trio young room you; The blackboard offers a space where you can work with your pockets and cloth compartment where you can fill many different pockets as well as pencil parts and bags. Medium and large desks can be selected according to your needs.

  1. Details

Strawberries, furniture outside the room for you to think of all the elements. Everything from screen to carpet, lampshade to mirror, side hangers to ceiling lighting. Trio blinds and tulle is 160×260 cm and the carpet is 135×200 cm. Strawberry trio young room set, which can be preferred as unisex, is waiting for you with all its originality and simplicity.

strawberry-child room
strawberry-room unattended
strawberry-trione-child room
strawberry-trio-of-partitioning sub-cot
strawberry-trio-the-table work
strawberry-trio-the-table work

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