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spring       Bandeloren for the Easter table

You want to decorate the Easter table very nicely? Then funny banderoles for cups, muffins or cupcakes are just the thing! We provide you with instructions for funny party banderoles.

Banderolen als Osterdeko


Sweet decoration for the Easter table: animal banderoles

For the animal banderoles you need:

For all banderols:

  • Photo or sound cardboard in yellow, light blue and old rose, A4
  • Photo cardboard leftovers in white, coral red and black

For two cups:

  • Photo or sound cardboard in yellow and old rose, A4
  • Photo cardboard leftovers in light blue and coral red
  • Paper cup in white, ø 8 cm at the top, 9,5 cm high

For another mug:

  • Cardboard rest in light blue or pink
  • one muffin case each in light blue and pink


This is how the bands are made:

The three different banderoles are made in very different ways. So that you keep the overview, we explain in the following text you successively explain the different crafting instructions.

That’s how you make the cupcake banderoles

1: Transfer the motif templates for the banderols to the respective photo or sound board and cut them out. If you use photo carton, make sure it flexes well! In addition, the bands with your hands or by pulling over a table edge slightly round shape.

2 : Transfer the facial lines to the bands with transparent paper and trace with felt tip pen. Apply the jaws with coral pink colored pencil. Cut out all other parts of the motif.

3: Then shade the noses vigorously with darker colored pencils and stick them on. Stick the antennae of the ladybug behind the head, decorate its wings with pink felt-tip points. Glue all paws or wings as well as the points in the rabbit ears on both sides and finally attach points of light with a gel pen.

4: Lay the banderoles around the finished muffins or cupcakes and glue them together on the back with a little hot glue. Finished!

This is how the banderoles are made for the cups:

1 : The banderoles for the paper cups are made in exactly the same way as the cupcake banderoles. After painting and pasting, simply place the motifs around the cups and glue them together at the back. The ears are funny over the cup.

Tip : If you use different colors for the bunnies, everyone will easily find their mug!

And that’s how you make the eggcup band:

1 : Transfer the eggcup template to the photo carton and cut it out.

2 : Shape the shape nicely with your hands or over the edge of the table and stick together to a cup to match the egg you are using.

3 : Cut the muffin cups and remove the bottoms. Glue the first of the resulting rings with little hot glue around the eggcup so that it protrudes slightly above and covers the cardboard.

4: Simply cut off the supernatant at the back. Slightly shorten the width of the second muffin paper ring and stick it around the same way as the first, but this time flush with the bottom of the cup.

The book for guidance:

The instructions for the funny banderols, we have the book “Charming spring messengers – window images, egg cups and Easter baskets of paper”, published by TOPP Frechverlag, taken.



  • Title : Charming spring messengers – window pictures, egg cups and Easter paper baskets
  • Author : Christiane Steffan
  • Publisher : Frechverlag / TOPP
  • Extent : 32 pages
  • Price : about 9 euros
  • ISBN : 9-783-7724-4335-0
  • Released : 2017

In the craft book you will find many great craft projects from simple to difficult, the desire to make spring. All projects are illustrated with many helpful and great.

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