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Science for Children: The Journey of Water in a Leaf

We love exploring, learning new things! Our excitement never ends when we do these observations.

We wanted to try the miraculous events in nature and a house. We will learn by exploring, observing, exploring. We will learn about the journey of water on a leaf, the changes in the giant trees and forests.

– Glass cups,
– Leaves with large body (preferably with marked veins),
– Scissors,
– food color in red color,
– A blank paper,
– Magnifier. (Optional)

Just like humans, we will see how the plants that need water to grow, how the water circulating in their veins affect them in a few days. We can probably give you a time of 3 days.

First fill a glass cup with clean water. Then cut the stems of the leaves a little at the bottom and place them into the water.

Then, place the leaves in the water from the food color in red. You can make a darker color to better observe the change in your leaves.

Leaves your leaves in red water; If you wish, you should examine with a magnifying glass and make a note of your observations on a blank sheet of paper.

Examine and note the changes you have observed on your leaves for 2 days.

During the time you observe, you will notice the color change in the veins of the leaves. Take a closer look. 🙂 Even with the help of magnifying glass.

The colored water moved from the stem to the stem and made the veins’ veins appear red. What does this change in the leaf remind you of?

Source: http://buggyandbuddy.com/science-kids-exploring-leaves/

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