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Scandinavian Decoration Ideas

What would you think of the least things, the least color, the most basic rooms? Of course scandinavian home decorations! The more empty a room can be, the more empty the philosophy of this home decorations that set out from the cultural traces we can see directly. If we want to apply the Scandinavian home decoration ideas and examples in our own homes, we must first understand why these houses are so laid. The color of the Scandinavian-style houses is white and the color tones, like light gray, are used again. You can see all shades of white from kitchens to bedrooms, from living rooms to halls. Simplicity is the most important feature of these houses. It has a stylish but simple feel. These houses, where the walls are white, are always very bright. In winter it takes almost a year, and it is a perfect harmony of winter and colors. Mustard yellow, turquoise, brown with some vibrant colors, such as moving to the environment you can add, but even your carpet must be white and shades.

The hard life of the North has led them to a different style. Life in the north is difficult, food is difficult, it is difficult to warm everything is difficult. Therefore, functionality is very prominent in the north. In other words, non-functional items are not preferred because they are beautiful or elegant. Unnecessary items are not included in these home decorations for color matching. Decoration of these houses is very practical, can be recovered immediately, does not require much thinking. It is a simple, practical home decoration that meets basic needs.

The lighting systems of the Scandinavian houses are very important. This is normal in the northern regions, considering how long winter and winter nights lasted. Generally, the ceiling should be shaken, long and strong lights and the rooms are well lit. Low light style is not used in scandinavian homes. Handmade natural materials are a distinct characteristic of this decoration. So we are not talking about a decoration that is made by hand, but it is not a decoration that is prepared by lamps, candlesticks and carpets. It can be used in Scandinavian-style decorations, with aesthetic appearance and soft color tones.

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