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Sand Beads Daisy Model Necklace Making


Sand Beads Daisy Model Necklace Making

This time I’m going to share a pretty gentle necklace with you. I hope you like it and you like it.

I’d like to take a better picture of you to see how beautiful the model is, but I’m pulling my videos and pictures on my cell phone, so I’m a little bit annoyed with the pictures I take. I’ll find a solution to this matter in a short time.

I made this chamomile necklace with white and light purple beads and you can do it yourself in the colors you see fit. Even if you make the upper part of a single color of daisies with different colors of beads, you can make a beautiful model.

I think that this model will not be the only one, and then I will try to make a model for it. But if you have a model of earrings that you know, you can do this as a team. arşimize bakıp uygun bir model uydurablirsiniz. You can look at the earring” models in the> ignorance and find a suitable model.


Materials of this model

  • 11/0 sand bead in two different colors
  • Sand Bead Needle
  • : ben 60 numara oya ipi kullanıyorum Nylon Rope, Note : I’m using a 60 number needlepoint rope
  • Parrot clip

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