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Sand Bead Triangle Model Necklace Making


Sand Bead Triangle Model Necklace Making

I liked this necklace model when I first saw it. (I still like it) I just wanted to share with you and I hope you enjoy.

I’m organizing this necklace, I had shared with you in advance. I’ve noticed the video of this model on our Youtube channel with a woman who noticed the video I’m missing the video I’m very sorry for you to remove the video I was going to remove but I did not remove the video to watch. But you can make the necklace again how the cord is shown in the video. If you can not start in general, I START: I put a green three black, one green three black, one green three black beads back into the thread, and then you go back again through the green beads in the first place and this is the way it is done all the time.

As with some jewelry models, you can do this bracelet in your necklace. You can even make eyeglasses on this model. If you want to make glasses rope, use two black beads instead of three black beads on the rope of the eyeglasses so that the rope you make will be more polite.

yada k%C3%BCpe”> sayfalarımızı inceleyip bu kolyeye uygun bir küpe modeli bulabilirsiniz. I’m going to make this necklace, but if you don’t want to use it, you can look at our earring” videos> or earring” templates> pages to find a matching earring model.

You can write to me in the comments section if you have places to remember. I will answer you as soon as possible.

This model supplies

  • 11/0 sand bead
  • Sand Bead Needle
  • Nylon rope, Miyuki can use the rope

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