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Room Seven 2010 Summer Collection

Designed for adventurous and dreamy children, the rooms inspire you with colors and designs. Sand castles, striped patterns, designed a serene room with a range of natural colors. With strong fabrics and colorful jerseys highlighted in vintage design.

ddek the-room-loving-2010-men-1

ddek the-room-loving-2010-man-2

ddek the-room-loving-2010-men-3

ddek the-room-loving-2010-men-4

ddek the-room-loving-2010-men-5

ddek the-room-loving-2010-male-6

ddek the-room-loving-2010-men-7

ddek the-room-loving-2010-man-8

ddek the-room-loving-2010-male-9

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