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Red crochet earring making


You can use this earring made of red and silvery rope with both daily and evening dresses.
I like to use different materials to make jewelry gives this man unlimited freedom and the works that are so unique.

If you want to make materials here
two nylon needle rope of the same color, but one of the silvery one normal (make each rope twice and use as a total of 4 times)
10 number crochet
two rings
two earring clips
two pliers
laundry shampoo
15 chains are pulled back and 13 pins are made on top

Go back and skip a chain of 3 jacks on a board

In each turn, we are missing the last row and we cut the rope and get a triangle as below

Now we make 3 four-handed railing from the other side of the braid and collect it at once and complete the weave by making 4 chains and sinking.

We cut the ropes and burn the ends with a lighter, then we weave and dry the weaves.


With the help of pliers, we open the end of a ring and attach and close the weave and clip.

If you want to use our earrings ready to give gifts to your loved ones.

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