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Rain Clouds from Shaving Cream

Rain clouds from shaving cream? What will it look like, I wonder what will happen, we are very curious. 🙂 So let’s start right away.

– Food colors in different colors,
– Mug cups or large bowls,
– Glass or plastic bowls of different sizes,
– Shaving foam,
– Syringe,
– Water.

We’il start by filling water in small containers.

Take care not to fill the containers to the end. In order for food dyes to be concentrated, there must be balanced water and paint pairs.

Then drop into your water-filled containers with approximately 10 drops. If you are going to use a purple color, we recommend that you do not drop more than 5 drops to avoid a very dark color.

Fill the water in a 2/3 ratio of an empty glass bowl.

Tighten the shaving foam on the top of the glass container. Squeeze plenty. 🙂

Drop a few drops of food dyes onto the shaving foam with the help of a syringe. No matter how much you drip from the edge, the droplets will be in the water.

You can tell your child that water looks like air and shaving foam looks like clouds. Colorful food dyes will start to rain when water starts to get mixed in the rain. 🙂

Source: http://onelittleproject.stfi.re/shaving-cream-rain-clouds/?sf=pykvazk#ab

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