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Prepare Your Home for Winter

. Insulation: In winter, the best way to protect your budget and health is through a good isolation . Door, window and roof if you are sitting on the ceiling insulation. It will prevent the loss of heat and reduce your fuel costs and allow you to live in a warm environment.

Control of Stoves and Combi Boilers: Every year, do not neglect to take care of your boiler or stove.   temizlenmesi ve değişmesi gereken parçaların değiştirilmesi şarttır. It is necessary to clean the chimneys and replace the parts that need to be replaced. Adjustable thermostat is a better option than manual. It should not be neglected to air the heating elements.

Fireplace: If you own a fireplace in your home, be sure to check the chimneys.

Roof: Do not interfere with your roofs if there are any cracks or cracks.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector: Carbon monoxide detectors should be close to cookers, combi boilers and stoves. These smoke or carbon monoxide detectors should be checked for functioning.

Danger of Freezing of Pipes: If you are going to stay out of the house for a few days in the winter, leave the boiler running at a low level so that your heating cores and pipes will not freeze.

Your plants: Take precautions to prevent your plants from freezing outside.


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