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Pre-Post: House Restoration

If you have a small detached house, you can expand and restore your home. The Allen family in Canada also complained about the small size of their home and started work for a large-scale restoration. First of all, the family planning on expanding the house, then decided to renovate the house by making a radical decision. Before the restoration, a two-storey house consisting of 3 rooms and a hall has been converted into a villa with 3 floors, 5 rooms and a huge hall at the end of the restoration. In addition, the car park and the garden of the family who have included in the restoration, approximately $ 200 thousand spent.

DDecor-Pre-Post-House Restoration-1

DDecor-Post-Home Restoration-2

DDecor Pre-Home Restoration-3

DDekor-Post-Home Restoration-4

DDecor pre-post-house restoration-5

DDecor-Post-House Restoration-6

DDecor-After-House Restoration-7

DDecor-Post-Home Restoration-8

DDecor-Post-Home Restoration-9

DDecor-Post-House Restoration-10

DDecor-Post-Home Restoration-11

DDecor-Post-House Restoration-12

DDecor-Post-House Restoration-13

DDecor-Post-Home Restoration-14

DDecor-Post-Home Restoration-15

DDecor-Post-House Restoration-16

DDecor-Post-House Restoration-17

DDecor-Post-Home Restoration-18

DDecor-Post-House Restoration-19

DDecor-Post-Home Restoration-20

DDecor-Post-House Restoration-21

DDekor-Post-Home Restoration-22

DDecor-Post-Home Restoration-23

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