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Practical Information That You Never Hear in Home Cleaning

We are preparing to finish the summer. Practical information you hear nowhere household cleaners containing article, we will talk about the practical and effective cleaning method with household materials. Due to the fact that the doors and windows are constantly open in summer, they require effective cleaning without going into winter. Are you ready to read effective practical cleaning methods that you have never heard of for a healthy and hygienic winter?

Today, working women weight. Therefore, comprehensive cleaning is not possible due to lack of time in these houses. Instead, practical cleansing is applied, which will make life easier and will not overwork. Here are the most practical cleaning information for 2018…

Most Important Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the most important cleaning rules of a house. If you have a small baby at home, the importance of carpet cleaning is increased. For your baby’s health, we recommend you to clean your carpet frequently. For this purpose, it is enough to pour 1 glass of carbonate onto the carpet and sweep it with a vacuum cleaner after 10-15 minutes. We recommend once a month to clean it with vinegar.

Bad Fragrances in the House Go with Cinnamon

If you want your home to smell nice before the guest 2 tablespoons of powder cinnamon on the carpet and sprinkle for 10 minutes. Then sweep it well with a vacuum cleaner. When your guests arrive, they will be enchanted with this smell they have never heard before.

How to polish your steel goods with olive oil?

Spark the stainless steel surfaces in your kitchen with a few drops of olive oil that you can drip onto a velvet cloth. You can use olive oil to destroy stubborn stains and fingerprints.

To make taps like the first day

We’ll give you a magical formula to make stained taps with lime deposits the same as on the first day.

1 tea cup of water

3 tablespoons of vinegar

1 teaspoon lemon

1 teaspoon powdered soda

Mix all the ingredients in a suitable container and boil them. You can make your faucets sparkling with the sponge you soaked in water. Thanks to this mixture, your taps will be both brighter and will be re-contaminated later.

Boil your darkening steel teapots for a minute or two in this water. After driving with a sponge, you will see that your teapots are clean. You can also clean it for your teapots with this mixture.

You can also effectively clean your bathroom by putting 1 tablespoon dish detergent into this mixture. With this mixture, you will see that dirt and lime wastes are easily removed in the bathroom. You can easily clean toilet, bathroom, kitchen tiles and washbasin with this mixture. In short, this mixture can be used for effective cleaning in all areas of the house.

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Clean your oven with Carbonate

Experts do not recommend cleaning the oven with chemicals. At the next meal, when the furnace heats up, it is strictly forbidden to pass chemicals on the oven surface.

Then clean your oven after use in the healthiest way. For this purpose, 1 bottle of water, 4 tablespoons of vinegar and 2 tablespoons of carbonate soda are added to a bottle with spray. After you have finished with the oven, you can squeeze this mixture and make your oven clean. You can use it comfortably in the next use.

No need to forget mirror cleaning

We would like to put an end to our article with mirror cleaning. We’ll give you very practical information for your mirror cleaning. Tighten the shaving foam in the mirror. Thoroughly dry the cloth with no other action.

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