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Pofidic Paint Freezing

We missed the hot summer days when we discovered the poles. 🙂
We couldn’t stand it for those who like writing, we made a pofidic ice cream. And it’s a very easy and fun recipe.

– Food colors in green and red colors,
– Brown watercolor,
– Glue,
– Cardboard,
– Scissors,
– Mixer rod,
– Shaving foam.

First tighten the shaving foam in a small bowl. Add the glue and green paint to the shaving foam using a stick until it has a hard consistency.

Cut the triangular shape in the form of ice cream cone with the help of scissors. Paint this cardboard cone with brown watercolor. If you wish, you can draw the pattern with the help of felt pen.

Pour your fluffy paint on an empty sheet of white paper with the help of food coloring. The shape should look like an ice cream. Decorate with red dots. Stop, not finished, fasten the cone you prepared from the carton to the bottom of your ice cream.

Here is the world’s most beautiful, colorful and pofidic ice cream

Source: http://www.craftymorning.com/puffy-paint-ice-cream-cones-craft-kids/

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