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Pipe Beaded Earring Diagram


Hello jewelry lovers, This time I will share with you jewelry model Pipe Beaded Earring Scheme I hope you like and useful.

This is a very stylish way to look at the very stylish way you can make yourself, loved ones or you can do to sell and sell.

ı yapmakla şemalara bakarak yapılan takıların yapılışında pek fazla fark yok şemalarda tek yapmanız gereken okları veya rakamları takip etmek. I’m writing for those who think I do not understand schemma believe me by” looking at the video to> do the work done” by looking at the> schemes jewelry is not much difference to follow the arrows or numbers you only need to follow the scheme.

You can do not only earrings, but also pendants, from this very stylish standing earring. Or you can make both the pendant and the earrings and use them both in jewelry.

For those who want to make it easy now.

: Şemayı daha büyük görmek için resimin üzerine tıklayın. Note : Click on the image to see the diagram larger.

boru boncuklu kupe semasi

Materials of this model

  • 1 cm long tube bead (may be longer)
  • 4 mm sand bead
  • Nylon rope or 20 rope
  • Earring clip

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