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Pineapple Backpack

The hot and sunny summer months unfortunately were left behind. Would you like to remind you of those beautiful days and put your signature under a project that will make your daughter happy? If you have some sewing skills, a pineapple bag that you can do yourself can help you to have fun. The basic materials you need to prepare this bag are a pineapple pattern fabric, a green fabric and a lining fabric to put into the bag. Also among the materials you will need to decorate your bag in two large beads of yellow color.

1-Both Cute and Convenient


You will have to spend some time and effort doing this pineapple-shaped bag. But when you see how happy your little girl is in using this bag, you will understand that it is worth all your labor.

2- Pineapple Patterned Fabric


To make the bag look like pineapple, you should buy the fabric closest to the pineapple color and patterns. Cut the fabric as shown in the figure and cut to the specified size.

We hope you like the pineapple bag model which is one of the projects you can do yourself. You can use this bag not only for your little girl but for yourself.

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