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Photo Gifts       Make a photo box

Photo gifts are always a very personal souvenir. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a box of photo-leporello.

Foto Box aus Pappe

Ina Mielkau / main publisher

You need this material:

  • Kraft paper
  • Adhesive tape (double sided)
  • Pin needle as a piker
  • Ruler and lead pencil
  • Scissors and cutter
  • Adhesive and adhesive film
  • your photos or photo paper and prints
  • the folding template for the box

Crafting instructions: That’s how you make the photo box

Schachtel basteln

Ina Mielkau / main publisher

First you make the box

Craft the box

First you make the box for this template . Then you copy the template into the desired size and stuck the copy with tape on the kraft paper. Now mark the endpoints of the corners by slightly penetrating them with a pikser.

Then remove the template and connect the holes on the kraft paper with a sharp pencil. Ask your parents to cut the box of the drawing with the cutter.

Schachtel kleben

Ina Mielkau / main publisher

Glue the pieces together to form a cardboard box

Glue the box together

Gluing the box is best done with double-sided tape. Good glue does it too. But then not too economical with the adhesive around!

Now you either take photos that you already have, or you print some photos on photo paper. Either way, the images should be slightly smaller than the area of ​​the box.

Basteln mit Fotos

Ina Mielkau / main publisher

Prints the photos

Connect photos together

If you print out the pictures from the computer, it is a good idea to put the photos together in the order that you need them before you print them.

For the box, which can be seen here, two strips of five pictures were used. To connect these are then glued together on the back with glue.

Foto Leporello

Ina Mielkau / main publisher

the photo Leporello

Photo Leporello fold

For all those who have assembled the images on the computer and printed on a strip: To make it easier to fold the Leporello, your parents now carefully scratch the paper there with a cutter on the front or back where a fold should lie ,

To make the edge straight, move along a ruler. Do not cut too hard otherwise you will only have parts!

For the cover, you now also print a motif, also cut out this photo and stick it in the middle of the lid.

Finally, you can fold the photo-leporello into the box, put the lid on it – and your photo box is ready!

The book for guidance

The instruction for the photo box comes from Ina Mielkau’s book “Favorite Pictures – DIY Projects with Photos”, published in the main publisher. The author shows you how to turn your favorite pictures into gifts, decorations, or useful travel companions. What emerges are very personal objects – and great gift ideas!

Lieblingsbilder Buch im Hauptverlag

Ina Mielkau / main publisher

Title : Favorite Pictures – DIY Projects with Photos

Publisher : Main publisher

Released : 2017

Extent : 144 pages

ISBN : 978-3-258-60158-8

Price : about 25 euros

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