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Ocean Slime

Recently favorite, slime! It’s simple and it’s fun. If you want to do an ocean-inspired slime with us, start preparations.


– Half a glass of water,
– Half a glass of water based glue,
– Half a cup of liquid starch,
– Sim,
– Watercolor or food coloring.

First mix the water and glue that you pour into a cup.

Then add the blue colored food dye (you can use another dye) to suit the ocean contact. You have to mix the mixture again.

Add simi to this mix and mix.

Then add the liquid starch and mix a little more.

Once the mixture is concentrated, you can knead by hand.

Ocean-themed slime ready! You can create your theme with ocean creatures like sea horse and starfish.

Source: http://buggyandbuddy.com/ocean-slime-recipe/

Here is the slime production of our founder Pinar Ramsay by Derya Baykal. You can watch http://youtu.be/vWv_K3heVbk.

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