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Newjoy’un Yeni Model Genç Odası Takımları

Newjoy , Öner Modular Mobilya San. Tic. A.Ş. The company, which was founded in 1986, continues its production in 57 thousand square meters area in Hendek area of ​​Sakarya.

Newjoy young room sets the production of very special models with teams. Newjoy brand has come to a very special point in its field with its design team which evaluates the advantages of application of raw material used in products and technology. If we look at the Newjoy teams briefly;

Newjoy Nautica Young Room

Red, dark blue and white on the board, this special design, the sailor theme stands out. Bed, bedside table, dresser, desk, three-door cupboard, sailor carpet, sailor lamps, orthopedic bed types, bed cover every detail has been considered. While there are units that you can add or remove, the average price of the team is almost 5 thousand TL.

Newjoy Laura Young Room

This model appealing to young ladies is a simple, classic and quite romantic model in country style.

This team is a model designed according to the general principle of Newjoy brand.

Newjoy young room models average prices close to each other. The price of a complete set of units from the units with the options is between 5 – 6 thousand TL. Again, the quality of the products is kept above the standard in every aspect. Let’s continue to mention the models with one sentence.

Golfstar Young Room

The team, which takes the theme of golf sport, points to very fine details with quality workmanship. It is a prestige product. The unit combination can also be prepared for the product.

Captain Room Set

The pirate-themed team combines the fantastic effect with modern lines. Again from carpet to every detail is a team thought.

New Land Young Room

Warm, modern, natural and comfortable. These are the words to describe the New Land model. Coffee table, bedside table, work table, you’ll love every detail you will encounter a special detail.

Ocean Young Room

Another sailor model, this time with much more specific details. The functional details of the team promise a special pleasure to the captain at every stage.

Butterfly Young Room

Again a very fantastic product that appeals to young ladies. The butterfly theme adds a very peaceful and high quality to the fine details. The princesses will have a lot of fun in their private areas.

Vento V10 Red Room Set

It is a very fun model with a sleeping car designed from carpet to clock. The realism of the car, the great harmony of red, black, gray and yellow, multiplies the fun in the room.

My World Room Set

Spotlights cover and drawers, led lighting, extremely impressive fine details. The world-themed stained-glass patterns used in the details emphasize a special taste.

Newjoy Bunk Bed Systems

The standard Newjoy bunk bed, as well as bunk beds that are compatible with the models, is an extremely useful and quality recommendation. The prices of the double bunk beds or the bunk beds with playgrounds were determined as 1390 TL and 1090 TL in this order.

Let’s not finish without saying the most important details. Newjoy is so confident in its quality that it sells its products under a 7-year warranty.

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