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Needle Pattern Models Made of Tulle Writing Edge

The processing of cheesecloth edges with needlework models is considered to be one of our traditions which will never become old. For many years, our women’s hand-made with the knitted edge of the needlework models can be found in many different products. These examples will also be very useful for embroidered gauze which can be used as a shawl, which decorates the dowry chests. Especially for beginners, it is possible to say that there are examples that will provide convenience for learning. Those who are looking for needlepoint models for the writing edge can also apply these samples after changing them.

It is completely up to creativity. Many women, who have started as hobbyists, earn income with their different and modern cheesecloth processing. Those who want to evaluate this in order to gain a profit should discover and apply different models. It can easily be done for each tülbent, which can be easily learned by everyone. Pattern pattern and color color will give mobility to cheeses to be supplied. Needle models that can be made for chamfer writing edge are preferred this year with the use of different materials such as beads and tassel. By using the colors on the patterned webs, more compatible products can be obtained. As they learn the models of Oya, every woman advances her pieces to create different products.

1. Try Different Models Together

Tülbent Yazma Kenarına Yapılmış İğne Oyası Modelleri

When processing the needlework models on the edge of the cheeses, enrich them with bead products. You can apply many different models together.

2. Change Flower Motifs

Tülbent Yazma Kenarına Yapılmış İğne Oyası Modelleri

You can apply the classic needlepoint models. It will be easier and more practical to apply especially on floral motifs.

3. Colors Compatible with Cheesecloth

Tülbent Yazma Kenarına Yapılmış İğne Oyası Modelleri

You can choose the ropes according to the colors on the web and you can make the product more compatible.

Everyone can easily learn this beautiful tradition that will be left from our mothers and they can easily process their own web. You can start by discovering the most different examples in Oya models and creating original products. Start by supplying different colors of ropes and create your own models by experimenting with samples over time. If you want to give a gift to your loved ones on the edge of the gauze models can do the processing. Using your imagination and creativity, you can bring this delightful hobby to a much higher level.

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