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Need to Handle Each Curiosity: Cloth Bag

You’ve noticed, lately there’s a diaper bag on the arm of people from all walks, especially young people. Plain light color, simple cut, without zipper without zipper, but it is really easy to handle, but not necessarily cotton fabric, sometimes pictorial pattern, sometimes message-worried, some for promotional purposes.

The reason we encountered such a large cloth bag explosion is that these bags are more functional than accessories. Some of them are using a book bag to carry a diaper bag. Knitting enthusiasts who can not separate their wool from the diaper bag show the end of their skewers. Some are throwing out the camera . But since you’ve never seen the accumulation of soda lids in your bag, it’s probably also. For ecological reasons, there are also plastic bags that pull the flag of rebellion and fill the diaper bag with tomatoes, peppers and eggplants . Some of them are fashionable, but it does not put a powder in the practicality. In short, an article that serves a thousand purposes came into our lives.

We entertain the enthusiasts to enter the bag of our lives. Yes, there are millions of good examples in every shop, market, market. Yes, festivals, bookstores, any corporate body even for free. But since the cloth bag is so indispensable, then we can’t stop poking in our noses, can we?

In fact, it’s easier to convert cloth bags into handicraft, personalizing them with a few items. Then what are we standing for? Let’s do our own cloth bag by ourselves!

Sewing cloth bags

In fact, we can also change the entry into the subject: How can the cloth bag be sewn easily? 🙂

Namely; There are two simple ways to plant cloth bags. If you want, for example, on a painkiller drug advertised as an advertisement can not go beyond the dirty bag, take your diaper bag and use it as the boss (ie stitch pattern, template) If you want to run from scratch to the ideal size of the cloth bag from scratch or sew on the machine. There are a few things you’ll need for both of them, you can easily find them in shops that sell sewing supplies:

Materials for sewing cloth bags

  • Fabric: The most vital pen! When you say raw cloth fabric most clothers will understand what you say. But if you still have trouble describing the fabric you want, you can say ‘ cloth bag fabric ‘ or take a sample cloth bag from home. You don’t have to stick to the classic cloth bag fabric, of course. You can sail into different colors and textures if you want. If you do not cut a single color, you can roll the handles for a double-sided bag. Nevertheless, we do not strongly recommend patterned fabrics to ensure that the decorations you make on them are clearly visible. Of course, the choice of fabric is closely related to your sewing skills. Some fabrics have a sewing stitch that can be a worry about sewing for novice enthusiasts. But we can guarantee that you will not have such problems in the classic cloth bag fabric!
  • Scissors: Beautiful, clean, sharp and cuts nicely in a scissor fabric, preferably used only on fabric. Beautifully cut fabric, beautifully sewn. Beautifully sewn fabric, beautifully decorated. It goes away like this … Scissors are important.
  • Fabric pen: In fact, we know the colored soap. You can also use one of your home soaps. If you are an enthusiastic enthusiast, you can also buy the colored soap from pencil-shaped colored soap. The fabric pen makes your work easier while reflecting the mold of your bag and making the cut (ie cutting the fabric).
  • Rope: Whether you have the same color as your fabric, or a different rope with color transitions. The important thing is the rope strength. If you don’t have a rope at home, we suggest you avoid 100% cotton ropes. Polyester blended ropes are more robust. The rug’s strength is particularly important, after all, not the dress, but we’ll plant bags to carry something.
  • Needle: Both sewing needle and colored pin needles for beginner stitchers will be required.

The rest of the materials are about decorating, drawing, painting, processing and limited to your imagination! Let’s just say we sew a flat bag, see how we can chow this bag?

When you’ve got the needle thread in your hand, don’t leave it, let’s get into sewing decorations! Your straight cloth bag is in front of you. Now it’s time to mix some drawers. Who knows, what two buttons that fall from the shirt, a tiny ball of wool, those spare laces you don’t use, the fabric of a skirt that you don’t even wear, the beads of the necklace you’re wearing and you don’t wear … The drawers are all a treasure chest. Just let’s look at another one. Whether you are stitching all these materials into your bag with an instinctive composition; Whether it is sewing the two shirt buttons into the eyes of a cute cat, mustaches and wool … Make the skirt fabric curtains of a window or cut straight to the bag and use it as a pocket. If you say, ” No, my drawers are always full of wonderful things , you can do all these things by taking a few tiny things. ” Felt pieces, pom-poms, tassels … They are all waiting in your hands to get your cloth bag!

Cloth Bag

For those who say :. That’s enough for stitching! Lar: First put a piece of cardboard into the bag you planted straight, so that you draw on the front face of the bag, not the paint on the back. Fabric pens , fabric dyes are at your disposal after this point. A few brushes and a few colors of what you’ll do! You can transfer the pattern you draw on a piece of paper to fabric or improvise. If you want to equip it as a table bag, whether the potato printing, or just splash the paint, pour … It’s up to your creativity.

Cloth Bag

Don’t forget to make a mark on a corner of your bag! 🙂

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