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Necklace making from fabric and beads


This necklace is made of a lot of material such as pieces of needlework, pieces of silk, metal, other beads, beads, and so on.
If you don’t have the same material, you can’t do exactly the same, but it will give you inspiration for your new necklaces.


  • Waxed rope
  • Silk Fittings
  • Needle lugs
  • Cut stone
  • Nail
  • Ring
  • Afghan ornament accessories
  • nippers




First the chain is woven with waxed rope. The chain weave is completed in such a way that it hangs on both sides and the dimensions are adjusted according to demand. Unfolded necklace is made ready from the back. Then, the necklace is adorned with tassel, needle lace, cut stone, loverly ornament material made of silk pieces at 6-7 cm intervals.
In general, I’m going to show you how to make ornament material from silk pieces, the pieces of silk are cut in square as follows.

Then, just by the middle, the big sand is passed through the bead with the help of a crochet, so easy

There are a lot of ornament materials, you can use it in other necklaces. Your imagination.

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