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Necklace Bracelet And Glasses Lanyard Template


Necklace Bracelet And Glasses Lanyard Template

Hello, my precious followers and readers, I’ll share a very engraved jewelry template with you this time.

What I mean when I say hamaratlı in the title of the article necklace bracelet and glasses rope template you can do whatever you want. Since it is quite easy to build, it is one of the easiest jewelry models on our website.

nde olduğu gibi bu modeli haratlı takı modelleri arasına katmalıyız diye düşünüyorum. As a jewelry designer, I think we should add this model among the gobled jewelry models, as in some” jewelry models> .

Yes, ladies, you can do whatever you want, you can make bracelets, you can make necklaces, you can make ropes. gibi bileğinize dört defa yada beş defa dolayacak kadar uzunlukta yapmanızı tavsiye ederim. If you want to make wristbands that” this lint> I recommend you do your wrist will wind up like four times or five times in length. If you do so, your wristband will look much nicer. ki gibi ince bir kolye istersenizde bilekliğinde olduğu gibi boynunuza dört yada beş defa dolayaca kadar uzunlukte yapıp öylede kullanabilirsiniz. If you want to make a necklace in a single row, such as this LİNKTE necklace like a necklace or four or five times the length of your neck so you can use as long as you can use.

If you want to make glasses rope in a single row I recommend you do. If you make the rope of the glasses I made the length of 90 cm as this measure is average size will be enough for you within.

For those who want to make it easy now

Materials of this model

  • 11/0 sand bead
  • 4 mm each of a bead
  • Nylon rope, Miyuki can use the rope
  • What to do if his clip


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