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Natural Stone Floor Decoration

When you enter any area, the first thing that attracts your attention is with the walls. This area can be a closed hall or house, and it can also be an open garden. The material used on the floor and walls and the color affect all the light, color, style and atmosphere of the space. This effect is more evident in confined spaces. Especially in small indoor areas of size increases the effect of these two floors. In our previous writings, we talked about the color tones used on the walls frequently, the properties of the materials used in wall decoration and the effects on the decoration. Now we will talk about the ground effect. Because the floor and wall together are important in building the atmosphere. Natural stone floor decoration, decorations created using laminate flooring, parquet decoration floors, various tile and ceramic decorations that we like and give us energy. Apart from these, there are some coating floor materials which have recently started to become trend. This coating can be made from the original materials, but also from materials such as stone-like plastic. In this article, we will talk about the properties and application methods of original floors made of natural stone rather than coating materials.

Choosing a stone floor that is compatible with the general style of the house

The general atmosphere of the house directs all your choices. So if you have rooms in your home with very light colors, matt and simple furniture, you won’t have to use gray or black granite on the floor. The color tone of the house must be matched with the overall decoration color tone of the house, no matter which stone you use. If you want to use Illa granite, you can also use the natural color-changing models by using chemicals. The style of the floor material should also be adapted to the general decoration. For example, it would not be right to make the floor of a room, which is generally furnished with weighted wooden material, from any stone material. Here, it is necessary to select the ground structure from a material in wood style. Caring for this kind of harmony is important for a beautiful decoration.

Stone selection according to the property of the room

Whether you want to use on the floor of the room or in the wall decoration you need to do according to the room you choose the stone. For example, in rooms that are constantly used and constantly kept clean, you can use a little darker colored stones that do not show dirt.

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