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Mother's milk, baby hair necklace


Necklaces made with breast milk and baby hair began to attract a lot of attention. I also design necklaces with these materials. But I’d like to say hello first. Hello ladies, after a long working life, I stopped working because of my health condition. It was good to be a housewife at home, but the building that used to work and work didn’t stay empty and I opened the design page @atolye_narcicegi on Instagram. I made felt door ornaments, cold porcelain dough, resin necklaces. I made the cold porcelain dough and designed ceramic pendants with it. At different times with the resin living necklace and now the mother’s milk necklace or other name I’m making a necklace with baby hair. With the milk of our mothers and the first hair of our offspring, you create a memory of an immortal moment. It’s formed by the petrification of breast milk. I would like to invite you to my page for more information.

Mother's milk necklace making

The biggest gift given to mothers

The best gift to mothers

Mother’s milk necklace making

You can also browse my other work on my Instagram page. I think one of the best gifts to be given to mothers is these necklaces An

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