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Moroccan Style Home Decoration Samples

I’ve used bohemian” home decorations> before. I decided to talk about Moroccan style home decoration, which is indispensable for a bohemian house. In the examples where you can get inspiration for a colorful and comfortable decoration, the colors of North Africa meet the serenity of the sea. Let me give you little hints of Moroccan style decoration that can be easily applied to our culture with very close ethnic patterns, rugs, curtains and covers that can be used for different purposes:

Moroccan Style Home Decor

  • Color rugs are indispensable. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding a rug, but it should be plenty of color.
  • Who doesn’t like comfortable couches? You can make a simple start by creating an oriental corner-like corner or decorating a cedar with ethnic patterned pillows and drapes.
  • Moroccan carved wooden home accessories are also easily found in our country. You can strengthen the effect with intermediate panels, middle and side tables and small hand-carved accessories.
  • You can decorate the empty walls with ethnic patterned plates and posters, but you can change the ambiance as soon as you hang up the area-specific covers on the wall for a true Moroccan theme.
  • You can choose a wide color palette for Moroccan style decoration but the prominent colors are pink, blue, green, yellow and red . My favorite color duo for decoration is turquoise and pink.
  • You can move the Moroccan style to your balcony or terrace in the ready summer season. As comfort comes to the fore in outdoor conditions , I’m sure you will get a great result with couches, floor mats, rugs and authentic lanterns .

Moroccan Themed Home Decor

For Moroccan style home decoration samples , just follow the pictures.

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