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Models of clay cats

Elif Zaim

It was about 1.5 years ago on a fairly ordinary day the result of boredom clay cat.
The same as you, time to evaluate, to make the moment a little more fun, how to knit, how to make a wonders with the needle and yarn we have chosen clay that day. We’ve kneaded plenty, love, told stories. He would have felt the love of cats within us so much that he started to give us cats from clay. Let’s be honest, our favorite part was getting the finest brush and processing cats from the most beautiful colors. We’ve always been aware of how unique and beautiful cats are. This was reflected in the work already. We started to process cats with clays between 3 and 5 cm in diameter. Then we made huge plate cats according to wishes. The idea of ​​making a brooch came and then we made our last wrists and we continue to do so.

But it was the people who lost most of us who wanted to order special orders from us. It was hard to get a special order because we needed a very clear and preliminary photo of the dingy, but we couldn’t find it because the cats had lost their lives. We never broke those requests in a way that we made orders. For example, Misbon was one of these examples.

We designed it as a huge plate. We admire your beautiful green eyes. For example, there is the Pati kitty who is still with us but the owner has a necklace to carry in his bosom.
The owner, who had communicated that he was rather approachable, albeit somewhat stellar, we also drew in spite of calm and calm.

Every day as we can, we make new cats with clay.
We recommend to everyone clay, calmness, serenity of the clay.
Even if you want to be included in this story, we look forward to you.
We want to hear your stories.

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