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Minnie Mouse Embroidered Mirror Cover


Minnie mouse embroidered mirror cover. Hi, today I am here with this adorable sweet sweetheart or an ethamine-embroidered mirror cover. Etamin necklace sevdam etamin I think it will continue as a love of mirror :) I enjoy this process in a separate way, from the first stitch to the last stitch ortaya the pattern that appeared… is exactly what I want,. :) I hope you guys like me. In the next article, I will be presenting more different versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. In the meantime, I would like to thank my sweetheart flower and Mickey Mouse writing board that accompany me in every photograph. Let’s do a little bit till I get new ones. ;)
I’m very extended I guess I’ll go without more pain, thank you to those who read the end of thank you :) Stay with love…

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