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Making easter eggs

Every year the same Easter basket? That’s boring! Make yourself a colorful nest from an old clay pot and napkins. Here you will learn how it’s done

For the Easter nest you need:

Osternester basteln


You can do the colorful Easter basket very fast yourself

– an (old) clay pot

– one or more napkins

– a pair of scissors and a brush

– Lacquer glue for napkin technique

Let’s go:

First, you have to peel off the top layer of the napkins. You can throw away the rest. The top layer of the napkin you then cut so that it fits exactly on the flower pot. For this you put the pot directly on the napkin and cut along it.

Osternester basteln


First you have to cut the napkin

Glue the pot

Osternester basteln


The napkin is fixed on the pot with lacquer glue

Now you have to fix the napkin on the pot. Just put it on the clay and apply the paint glue with a brush. You do that until the pot is completely wrapped in napkin. You should only be careful that none of the glue lands on your clothes. That’s nasty spots.

dry phase

Once the entire pot is pasted, you need to let it dry. But that only takes a few minutes. Then the napkin is firmly attached to the pot and rock hard.

Osternester basteln


… let it dry now

Last but not least, some Easter grass in the nest – ready! Now you can fill the nest with chocolate Easter rabbits and co. If you want to have a bigger nest, just take a larger pot and several napkins.

Another tip: After Easter, the nest can also be used as a flower pot!

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