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Making Butterfly Necklace with Brick Technique

tugla teknigi ile kelebek kolye yapimi
tugla technique

Hello, my precious followers, I will share with you this time the Butterfly Necklace Making with Brick Technique . I hope you like jewelry lovers.

Friends who make jewelry when they hear the brick technique, especially jewelry beginners to make a little hesitant brick technique is difficult to zennediliyor. But believe me, it’s not hard at all, it’s very tasteful to do jewelry with bricks.

Once you learn how to make jewelry with a brick technique, you will learn how much jewelry you can make with a brick technique. How you can make jewelry with brick technique is completely up to your imagination.

incelemenizi tavsiye ederim. You can write your own name and necklace, Gene name by typing you can make wristband, Cats can do, Birds can make even my previous writings with the brick technique I can share the template of each letter I recommend you examine HERE” .>

This necklace also has delika flat cut beads. I recommend you to use delika flat cut beads in every piece you make with brick technique.

You can make this pretty chic necklace not only with a pendant but in the earring. I would like to thank the Hobiruum channel for sharing the necklace with us.

For those who want to make it easy now.

tugla teknigi ile kelebek kolye yapimi
tugla technique

Materials of this model

  • 11/0 straight cut delika bead
  • Necklace Chain
  • Suitable for nylon rope

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