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Making Artwork from Waste Paper: Paper Mache

Hi, You probably wondered what kind of an application you are in Paper Mache. In fact, it may not have been thought that the application we call Paper Mache in our primary schools, secondary school children or paper pulp studies. We would do more masks in schools with this work, everyone would have mold because of each other, we would play our masks. Now this application is so advanced and diversified that statues, decorative cups, plates, knick-knacks are made.

paper mache

We have also mentioned a different kind of art that can be done with paper. We were amazed when Papier Atelier saw the sculptures he made with 3D models and we can say what wonders could be created from paper again. The paper provides the raw material for what we can do, the rest is creativity.

Meanwhile, the paper pulp was used in the ancient Egyptian ages to make those interesting masks covering the mummies’ face. Of course there was no paper at that time, the raw material of this paste papyrus 🙂


We went into the Mummy masks of M- man-dough, then let’s not give a brief description of these masks in Ancient Egypt. Then I’m going back to the point. These masks are used for the head and chest regions. In addition to protecting the face of the mummy in the belief of Ancient Egypt, they were added to the tombs to be a substitute for the facial features that would disappear. Inlaid or stone mummy masks made of gold represented mummies of the dominant class. Papyrus, flax and other less costly products were used in ordinary mummies masks. It is, of course, normal when considering the cost of making a mummy.

After this brief information, we will find out what we can do at a low cost from our newspaper papers, waste paper pieces in our house. When we advance ourselves, we can bring out as much masks as mummies, maybe not, why not? This is how we do it. Either paper is known as the desired shape after dough, or strips of striped paper are immersed in glue water and the desired object is covered with these papers. Both produce very good results. Whichever you want to do and depending on your imagination, it is up to you. I will tell you both ways and share your visuals.

paper pulp making

Method one: pulp

Materials required;

  • Fame
  •   Water
  •   Newspaper or napkin
  •   Glue

Soften the paper in a basin and smash enough newspaper to make your model. It’s easier to soften the napkin. As you experience, you can decide which type of paper to use. Boil the shredded paper into a cauldron with water and stir for 15-20 minutes. Allow to cool by pouring into a suitable container. When it gets cold, take a handful of handfuls and squeeze the water, put it in a nylon bag and crush it. Crush the crushed paper with a white glue and a piece of flour. Store in a nylon bag. When you start to use again, knead with enough glue. The consistency of the dough should be like bread dough. What a solid will be. You have to dissolve the hard particles inside the paper. Especially in detail, the dough needs to melt thoroughly. As you use the pulp over time, you will determine its consistency. If you make a simple model and you’re fucked, you’ll continue to admire the ability to get the shape of the dough. At first, your desire to start with difficult models can disappoint you. You can also use materials such as wire and styrofoam to create the skeleton of your model. Cover the pulp on the wire by wrapping it with a rope. For small models, half a cm thickness is sufficient. Try to give the model a roughly initial shape. Then let the model dry in the sun or in a warm place and wait. As it loses its water, the outer shell will harden and continue to shape the model when it is dry enough to be processed like a dough. Stage phase will gradually form your model. Do not hurry. Of course, if you want to process the details of the dough to dry in the same time as you do a further study to get your hands to dough and you can beat your impatience. With this method you can make masks, little figurines or larger sculptures. As you develop your skills and your own methods over time, you can further diversify and improve your models.

papermach A-kedi.jpg

To make a chandelier as follows, you need to inflate the balloon and cover it neatly and evenly with the pulp. After covering with glue will be more robust if you pass over. You leave it to dry again, and then you blow the bubble to remove the mold. You can paint and color if you want.


papermache unicorn

Method two: Cover with newspaper paper

In this method, you first need to fill with paper is the object you choose. Then the materials you will use again, paper, water and glue, this time we do not need to make dough.

Firstly, you mix the water and glue in a bowl with half to half the consistency. Afterwards, you prepare the newspaper papers by cutting the ribbon. You’re dipping these strips into the water you’ve prepared, pouring the excess water between two fingers and starting to wrap the material you want to coat. 3 or 4 layers will be enough to cover the material you will cover. It will help you to cover the floor vertically with one layer of horizontal fold so as not to mix it. After coating, leave to dry for one day. The drying time will also vary according to the size of the part. After coating, you can paint with acrylic paint. I think it’s more pleasant to keep the pieces of paper made of this paper. For this, it is enough to just varnish. Or you can dilute the paint in watercolor, so that an opaque image is created on the paper. Thus, both the color and the text will not be lost 🙂

paper pulp sculpture

papermach A-bowl-yapimi.jpg

Finally, let us also present a foreign artist who has exaggerated the work and loves making dinosaur and creature heads.


paper mache dragon

Note: http://www.gencyorum.com.tr/atma-o-kagidi-bisey-yapariz-ondan/ has been used as the source.

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