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Make Your Own Phone Case

Today we are with a new idea of ​​recycling. We love this idea. We think you’il like it.

Our project is to weave the cell phone case with old sachets. But it is not limited to the phone case, of course, if you want glasses case, pencil case, if you want to book face or whatever you think.

The materials you need, knitting needles, colored nylon bags and. In the construction, we cut the plastic bag as two cm wide strip but try to cut the knot without rupture.

Then we take the size of 7×14 or take the size of your phone and take the stitch shares into account, and we do an inverted flat weave operation. We are sewing the pieces we weave in two pieces with the same thread. With the same method, we make different kinds of hearts or other ornaments. That is all.

For detailed pictures of phone case construction, please visit the image gallery. Also in the picture gallery, there are pictures of lamp making.

Make Your Own Phone Case Picture Gallery

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glasses case construction
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