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Make Your Own Carpet

If you want to show your own carpet in your houses, you should read this article carefully. In fact, there is no need to consider too much, because; This is a very easy project.

In 2014, zebra and leopard patterns were very fashionable in home decoration. If zebra patterns are fashionable, it might be a good idea to make a zebra patterned post carpet.

The materials you need for this carpet, the white fabric you will use as a carpet, the paint to be used to make the designs, yellow, black or any color you want (in this case a gold gilded paint) iron, white oil paint, ball pen, brush, scissors Polyurethane transparent varnish for long-term durability and any fabric to pave the carpet under.

First of all, we cut the fabric in a cowhide shape on the white fabric. We iron the fabric for a healthy and easy dyeing process. We put an old cloth or paper under the fabric and prevent it from sinking and we paint our fabric with white oil paint. For a good application, you can paint a few coats.

After we have dried our fabric, we are drawing the zebra patterns on the fabric in the picture you take with the ballpoint pen. We paint the carpet with the basic color of your choice and leave it to dry again. If you are going to apply varnish, you can wait for it to dry thoroughly and varnish it. If you don’t use varnish, it is ready to use when your carpet is dry.

To see the stages of making zebra patterned rugs, you can visit our picture gallery.

Stages in the Form of Post Carpet

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