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Make Unforgettable Watches with Enza Home Dining Room Set

Make Unforgettable Watches with Enza Home Dining Room Set
The dining room sets, which provide the perfect table for your family and loved ones, are among the sine qua non of every house with their unique designs and unique designs. EnzaHome contributes to the more aesthetic appearance of your houses with its beautiful designs.

Retro Stylish Dining Room Set Models
Bolero Dining Room, which brings unforgettable traces of the past to your home with its special combination of selected coconut and shiny black makes the appearance of the environment better. In addition, black tempered glass surfaces in the model and complement the wood, has an unbreakable feature. The fixed and openable two-way dining table provides you with the highest level of comfort during use. The Elena model, a reflection of the retro style, emerges as a pleasant synthesis of the past with its delicately thoughtful details. Caucasian oak and oxide caramel color special production feet and handles that reveal the difference in the design point of the model of the cabinet backrests and drawer floors in the fabric-looking material is included. You can also evaluate other module options to make different combinations compatible with the tool.

enza home dining room set

enza home dining room set

Witness the Elegant Dance of Colors with Enza Home

Elizabeth, formed by blending oak color with powder pink, attracts attention with its different lines. The elegance of the chairs in the table set, the handles that are compatible with the team while filling, are complementary to this dining” room> set. Bringing the simplicity of bright white into lines of bronze rose color, the Infinity Dining Room rises above the usual designs. In addition to the integrity of the console mirror with the special mirror on the console surface, the drawers in the console allow ideal storage. The glossy surface of the product is easy to clean as well as scratch resistance.

Desirable Functional Features at EnzaHome

Rain dining room sets with 100% natural walnut veneer on 100% MDF over lacquered hulls and lids can become a favorite part of your room. The accordion cover console and the slider rail system are included in the details that offer practicality. The design of the bronze color handles and strips special to the design, combined with the special design feet, you can enjoy the model that adds a different air to the environment.

Bringing the colors of silk matt cream and shiny rose, Zen is indispensable for pleasant environments. Model-specific rose-colored console handles and feet, geometric form mirror brings dynamism to the atmosphere. The chairs belonging to the table and the middle and side tables suitable for the team play an important role in reaching the peak point of elegance.

The products developed by EnzaHome can be easily accessed through 162 stores in Turkey and abroad, and you can see what you want from around 2000 models and visit the nearest Enza Home sales point for the products you want to buy. You can learn all the furniture products and sales points from the website of Enzahome.com.tr.

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