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Local Instrument of South Americans: Rainsticks

Let us make this fun instrument used in the ceremonies to rain the rain spirits by the tribes living in the deserts of the northern part of Chile.


– Cardboard tube,
– Beans and Rice,
– Thick white band,
– Multicolored decorative tapes

First, add your beans and rice into your cardboard tube.

Then, add the bean and rice carton tube with white tape. Note that the head and the end of the cardboard tube are completely closed.

Now it’s the most fun part. You can decorate your cardboard tube covered with white tape like a rainbow with the help of your decorative tapes.

Without forgetting, if you wish, your nail into the cardboard tube with the help of hammer nails, beans and rice can add rhythm to the dance.

Source: http://www.muminthemadhouse.com/rainbow-rainmaker-rainstick-cardboard-tube-craft/

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