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Laundry Rooms

The convenience of having a laundry room at home is indisputable. Thanks to these rooms, you can get rid of washing machines located in bathrooms and kitchens. You do not need a very large room for the laundry room which is not so common in our country. Nowadays, you can accomplish great things in small areas thanks to the systems that can be mounted on the wall. Areas such as covered balconies, stairs, cellar can be turned into a laundry room with the right design.

What do I need?

Washing machine, dryer, baskets for colored and whites, laundry hangers, wardrobe according to the size of your space. A small shelf will work if you don’t have a cupboard. Combining all these things will save you time and ease your work. If you spend an important part of your time in the laundry room , you can make it more enjoyable and decorative here. By bringing some of the flowers in your home or decorating the walls, you can give your room a whole new look.

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