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Lace Samples Can Be Machined With Ring Beaded Towel Edge

The embroidery on the towel side is one of our oldest traditions. For years, women have presented gifts to each other with these embroideries, and they even gained gains with the towels they developed. Ringed beaded towel” edge processing models> are preferred as more modern products. It is also quite simple to apply the beads that give color and mobility to the classical needlework models. You need to find different alternatives in bead materials. By choosing more modern products, more original designs can be applied for towels. Particularly colorful embroidery remains very lively in simple bathrooms. In the bathroom decorations, it is preferable to use the treated towels to decorate and decorate them. Kitchen towels can also be changed this way. Almost all of the needlework models are suitable for detailing with beads. It will be very helpful to look at these examples for ring bead” applications on the towel edge which even new learners can easily do. you change your own creativity by making changes through examples. also prepare many products with beads for loved ones.>

1. Same Pattern and Same Embroidery

If there is a pattern on the towel, the laces can be woven and the same colors may be preferred to resemble this pattern. Towel edge is one of the lace processing classics.

2. Inspiration on Towel Patterns

The patterns and colors on the towel can inspire you to sample the lace. You can choose to match your embroidery.

3. Elegance of Rose Motifs and Laces

It will be a great fit for young girls and newlyweds. Lace embroidered with rose motifs will change towels too.

4. Minimalist Lace Designs

You do not have to handle laces so that each towel is heavy and frequent. Minimalist and small details with lace towel edges will look very good.

5. Create Alternatives with Colors for the Same Model

You can do lace work with different colors of the pattern set on a towel. It will also be very useful to create tool towels.

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