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Ice Cream Wallet Made From Felt

I love the felt projects . The natural texture of the felt makes it easy to obtain the shape you want to be a hard fabric that is hard and does not deteriorate easily. So if I’m going to make bags or wallets in different ways, I get the first felt. This time I decided to make a wallet with ice cream. Actually, I made the decision and started out with the trends of the year. Because, as you know this year, we have fun patches, brooches and accessories everywhere. I’ve already made these fun brooches of felt and decorated the bag. You can also examine the construction of her bag” ornament> writing. And, frankly, I’m trying to make things easier on my mind because I can’t accept the end of the summer.


  • Light pink, dark pink, black, white
  • Zipper
  • Hot silicone
  • Scissors, paper, pencil

First of all I decided to draw and size the ice cream template myself, but if you don’t want to take risks, there are ready-made templates on the Internet. You can also get a more precise result by downloading them.

I drew the cone, cream, strawberries and the background on the paper. You can size this by thinking it will be a coin purse. The length of my wallet was 10 cm and the length of my wallet was 17 cm.

We will use the patterns we draw on paper to cut the felt properly. Light pink for the cone, black for the background, white for the cream, and two stains from the dark pink felt for strawberry.

Now paste the silicone on the front and back parts.

Sew both sides of the wallet on the sides of the zip. If the zipper is longer than the wallet, cut and stitch that part. Combine both sides of the wallet and sew at the edges. Because this wallet is a wallet, we’re sewing instead of sticking to make sure it’s solid.

Here is a retro-looking very pleasant wallet ready;) The project has already taken its place on my Youtube” channel> . I would also be very glad if you do not leave me alone;)

kendinyap-kei of-wallet

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