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I Did The Crib Ornament Both Inspired By Film Up

There are some projects that I do not accept myself. This cradle I’m inspired by the Up movie is just one of them. I hope that you know this wonderful animation, which is translated into Turkish by the name diye Look Up Türkçe. Somehow you must follow exactly if you are missing. The most memorable element of this film is the house that we saw in the posters of the film. So what could be more fancy than a colorful house where balloons fly?

Here is a cradle ornament of mine, so I called the cradle of the cradle when asked to do so, I said. This time, although the construction phase of me seriously pushed the result was much better than I expected. So I have to admit that I was having a hard time presenting itself.

Anyway I think it’s not only for the baby room, but also for the kids room, which is extremely convenient. Even if you are one of those who love this film, you must do it as a gift to yourself.


  • Thin and thick felts in pastel colors
  • Fur or felt puffs
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Pulley
  • Fiber
  • Needle and thread
  • Adhesive

First of all, I chose to make a simple hut since it would be very difficult to make the hut in the Up look. First of all we will make a simple cottage with 4 different faces.

I draw a 6cmx12cm rectangular and 6 cm wide and 10 cm long hut on paper. I cut out these templates with two different colors of thick felt. I’m sewing doors and windows with thin felts on the parts. Then I combine these pieces in a hut.

I start by drilling the center of the round styrofoam with a trash can. I’m starting to cover the perimeter with colored pompoms so that they do not cover these holes. I’m doing this with a slow-drying glue.

When I get the image you want, I add ropes. These ropes should look like ropes holding balloons. You can adjust the layout accordingly. Finally, pass through the hole you drilled. Combine all of the ropes and fasten them to the top of the hut.

Cut and assemble the roof of your hut with orange felt.

Cut 2 pieces of fine white felt on the felt. Fill these parts with fiber. I made a total of 4 clouds 🙂

I love the image of the wooden pulley, but this time I decided to cover it with a pastel blue rope.

Finally, you have to attach all the parts to the pulley. Clouds (clouds like pambos) will be placed around our shed.

I explained the project in detail in the video. So I suggest you take a look at the video. In the meantime, although the multi-stage was one of the projects I was very satisfied with the result. If you try somehow, please don’t forget to share your photos with me. I wait for Instagram” .>

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