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How to Print with Iron?

I don’t think it’s too wrong for every day’s clothing for printed clothes because we wear every day, especially printed t-shirts. Did you know that you can do these prints, which are usually fabricated patterns, at home? These techniques, called transfer printing, do not worry about designing T-shirts anymore. Besides, you can design almost all kinds of fabrics by using transfer printing method from kitchen apron to cloth bags. So the area of ​​application for yourself” make> enthusiasts is quite extensive. With this technique you can produce your own great projects for handmade gift” ideas> . We will use the iron for this printing technique. If you’ve wondered how to print the fabric with the iron, here’s the application of this practical method Ütü

Necessary materials

  • Transfer printing paper (preferably A4 size)
  • An iron with no steam and cotton adjustment
  • Laser Printer
  • Any pattern you want

Fabric Printing with Ironing

fabric printing with ironing

One of the most practical methods of printing printing with ironing is among the printing techniques . The type of paper used may vary, but basically all of them have the same logic. First, we find a pattern photo that we like on the computer. We print this out from the printer we’ve placed on transfer printing paper. Then we place the pattern on the fabric we place on a smooth surface with the back facing us. We put a thin fabric or pellet paper on it. We apply pressure on the pattern paper for 3 minutes with the hot iron we get the heat adjustment to the latest and non-steam ironing. After waiting for some time to cool down, our patterned fabric is ready for use.

NOTE: When you research and wonder how the fabric is made , most of the narratives are passed. Transfer printing papers are sold on open ground and dark backdrop as shopping sites. The prices are also quite affordable. If you choose according to the characteristics of the fabric and the design you will use, you will not have any problems in practice. Open floor pressures can be damaged when washed out, and darker prints are a little more durable. If you don’t do dry cleaning, you can use it for a long time. You can watch the applications on the open ground and dark ground prints in the following videos.

Open Floor Transfer Printing

Dark Floor Transfer Printing

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