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How to Print Fabric with Natural Materials?

Summer came, tropical patterns and summer colors swept everywhere. This is the first time in my life I decided to try fabric printing. Faced with hundreds of ideas on Pinterest” i first decided to put pressure on eraser and then press with natural materials under the influence of spring.>

I used apples, lemons and leaves of different forms for fabric printing. It is imperative that you take a nice nature hike before you do this pressure. When selecting the leaves, check the veins. The more obvious the veins are, the better the result.

Let’s go paint. Actually, I was thinking about getting a fabric dye for the project. But when I planned to make a colorful design, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the fabric paint. I used acrylic paints under my hand. I did some research on the internet while the issue of whether water-based acrylic paints would be permanent in the fabric. Many people have dyed fabrics with acrylic paint and shared that they did not have any problems with washing. As such, I did my first fabric printing experiment with acrylic paint.

If you print with acrylic paint, let the paint dry completely, then fix the iron with paint. After doing this process, I washed my tablecloth in a washing machine at 30 degrees and I saw that there was no fading or even fading in the paint in the first wash. So you have been tested tested, you can paint fabric with acrylic paint;)

Fabric printing is very easy and very fun. In elementary school, potatoes are the place where I say I went back to the days when we print. First I cut the apple and lemon in half. After you have completely covered with paint, you can press on the fabric without sliding. I decided to try a different tactic when the lemon was not as successful as apple. After cutting the lemon and drying it one day, I realized that the lines became more pronounced when I used it for printing. Your work on the leaves is much easier. Leaf pressure is definitely my favorite, but I have to say that the apple is also very successful. My plan for this is to make a stamp with an eraser and a sponge. Goodbye until then;)

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