the old" dowry chest> from my mother last year. I had to buy 1 liter of Ann"/>
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How to paint seat at home? Step by Step Seat Fabric Coloring Guide

I shared” how i painted> the old” dowry chest> from my mother last year. I had to buy 1 liter of Annie Sloan Chalkpaint paint for that project, and the majority of the paint was left. Since this paint is suitable for all surfaces, I decided to paint my chair for a while.

The almost 15-year-old seat was first in love with me in blood-red. Naturally, the color is very faint, although it is still quite stiff. I decided to renovate the chair as I couldn’t resist throwing. An exciting process was waiting for me 🙂

First of all, I watched how many seats on the Internet have a video. Then I prepared myself psychologically for a long painting process 🙂 Joke will be at least 3-4 times coloring in this project. First we need to clean the seat thoroughly. The surface must be dust-free. When it was summer day I decided to paint the chair on the balcony. I put the paint protective nylons on the surface.

First of all, the paint was in a much better shape than I thought. Of course, it had a little darkening, but since Annie Sloan’s paints were water-based, there was no problem. She was ready to use. When painting the seat, it is necessary to dilute the paint slightly more than usual. I have kept the water rate on the first floor very little, but I suggest that you do not get stuck on the first floor, or your fabric may become very hard.

With a water sprayer, it is necessary to dampen the seat slightly. This way, the fabric can absorb the paint much better. Start painting the paint with a wide mouth brush. Working in the region will make your work easier.

The chair I painted painted a little on me because it was too stitched and not stretched. I’m sure you can work without any difficulty if the fabric surface of your seats is completely stretched.

1st floor

After the first floor is completed, you need to let the chair dry. It is recommended to wait at least 24 hours between the paint layers. However, if you work in the heat of Izmir like me 40 degrees, this process will be much shorter. On the contrary, 24 hours may not be enough if you do this in a cold and humid season. I recommend you to find your own way through trial and error in this process;)

After waiting a day, I realized that the first floor was very close. This is actually a little my fault. My fabric had hardened since I had less watered the paint. I diluted the paint on the second floor much more. Again before the application, I started spraying water on the surface.

2nd coat of paint

For the third and for me, I have worked intensively on the last coat of paint and less closing wicks and seams. I also painted the rusted metal skeleton of my chair in the final stage.

3 floor

You have to wait at least 24 hours for the chair to dry. The fabric surface became very hard after my chair had dried completely. I think every fabric will have the same effect. It will protect the paint and this will soften the surface will be a wax process. I used the paint wax for the first time when I painted my chest. Again I bought the transparent wax of Annie Sloan brand. Even though the price was a little high, I loved the texture and protection of the furniture. After applying, it seems as if it has no protective effect but I can say that it is much more successful than all the varnishes I use. Especially if you want a matt finish you need to stay away from varnishes.

This time I took the Cadence brand’s transparent wax to try a different product and used the whole of the small neck. I am very satisfied with the product, but I cannot compare it since I do not use both brands on wood 🙁

You can wax with a clean brush. After the fabric has absorbed the wax, your fabric starts to soften. After covering the entire seat with wax, you need to wait at least a day.


After the wax, the fabric softened and covered a skin-like texture. When you touch the fabric feels like a leather, I can say that the fabric gained a texture like it. I think the result was quite successful. But I don’t recommend painting if you don’t want to lose the soft texture of the fabric. Obviously I had no problems as I would continue to use the new version on my balcony.

More than a month has passed since I painted my seat, and I noticed that there were some spills on the seat folding. However, I think this is a model outside of the normal, I think this problem is very normal. There is no problem in the stretched areas of the chair. In short, if you paint a tense upholstered seat, I don’t think you will have any problems. You can still post your questions to me.

Detailed construction of the project is available on my Youtube” channel> . If you try the project, you can share your handsome photos with me from Instagram”>

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