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How to Make Sweater with Felt

Just follow a few simple steps in your old sweater to make them a felted sweater.

Tools: laundry detergent, ruler, fabric shears

Materials: wool sweaters, buttons, embroidery thread

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Step 1

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Felt your old wool sweater

Choose a wool sweater with at least one body size. Wash it in hot water and dry it with a little detergent and then dry it at high temperature.

Step 2

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Place the sweater in a flat place to work. Cut it up vertically in the front of the sweater.

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Cut the middle and the arms

Cool down somewhere to work your sweater. Start cutting vertically from the front to the center. Cut both arms a few centimeters above the elbow. (you can cut these cuts later into a fingerless glove)

Step 3

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Decide length and cut off slopes

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Try the sweater and pinpoint the points that you need to cut safely. After removing the sweater, start cutting carefully from the points you set.

Roll the corners at the front of the sweater

Step 4

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Add decorative decorations

Stitch the vertex to the corners and add decorations to them, then sew your buttons

Step 5

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Wear with style

In this way, you can transform your woolen sweater from felt to felt and can wear it easily.

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