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How to Make Donut Pillows from Felt?

Don’t say where the Donut pillow came from. I guess I’m not gonna be the first person who prefers to decorate the house with donuts. Because before you say donut with the shape as you draw it.

Anyway, when I was looking for something colorful, fun for my Youtube” channel> , I saw Donut pads and immediately went to Kemeralt─▒ to get felt. Today I will tell you about the pillows you can do with the suture, but I chose to do seamless. Aside from sewing, the felt is sticking so well to the hot silicone that I think it can be a more secure attachment than sewing.

If you want to add joy to your home, give a gift to someone you love, or add a great detail to the nursery, I immediately go to the material list:

  • Felt in light pink and dark pink colors
  • Also in different colors felt parts
  • Hot silicone
  • Fiber
  • Scissors

To make a donut pillow, I cut a round by doubling the light pink colored felt. Since the size of the round will determine the size of your pillow, I don’t measure it. I’m drawing a small round full of quadruples and finding the center point.

After I cut out the middle round with scissors, I stick to the outer edges of the cushion, leaving some clearance. After the silicone is dry, I turn it over and paste the middle part.

I put the dark pink felt under the pillow case and draw the pattern from its inner and outer edges. When I cut the template, I make waves with scissors, so I get a fluid cream image.

I fill my pillow with fiber through the opening. When I think it’s full enough, I stick it in silence again. I peel the dark pink piece on the pillow I filled with silicone.

At the last stage, I cut small strips of different colored felt pieces to make the donut candies and I randomly distribute these strips on top with silicone.

Of course, this is a very long process, you can also watch my Youtube channel in a snap;)

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