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How to make a built-in wardrobe?

In the context of the decoration solutions of the houses and rooms that are shrinking, the return to the past has started. In fact, even though the furniture design is not the subject of return to the old, it is quite remarkable within the scope of basic ware solutions. Shrinking house architectures have brought us the necessity of finding great solutions in small areas. We began to look for various alternatives to keep all our belongings in tiny bedrooms or in tiny kitchens. In any area that fits all the physical characteristics of that area, without taking the trouble, taking up the most items from the space, actually comes back to today’s smartest storage areas, namely the built-in cabinet models. The same question, how is the built-in wardrobe made in the mind of all those who want to make these wardrobes in their modern homes, because the fashion of embedding in the house is quite behind? This question comes to mind in two varieties, the first is the ones who built a new house or had a very radical transformation at home. In the case of home decorations this style is easier. The house is almost completely destroyed, but rather the majority of the walls are destroyed because there is trouble. However, if the house is not demolished or no action is taken, it is a little more troublesome. Because it is not so easy to add a built-in wardrobe to a ready-made home without technical procedures.

The answer to the question of how the built-in wardrobe is made can actually be found by looking at the wardrobe models. These cabinets are made by leaving a balanced space in the wall while the house is being built. The area to be covered by the wall is made smaller and this area is used as storage space. This is a use that has been in the middle since the oldest and oldest people. After the large cavities on the walls and cave walls, the sets, which were taken to prevent the contents of these cavities, reveal the first built-in closet models. In their original form, built-in cabinets are cabinets that should not be ahead of an inch, which should normally be at the wall level when viewed from the outside. But, as we have said, it is necessary to plan this type of house when the house is being built. When you do it later, you can close the appropriate two beams in the room and make a built-in wardrobe.

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