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How to Decorate the Wall with Plate Collages?

In the past, there were houses on the walls where plates were hung. Actually, I remember that when I was a kid, antique plates were hanging on the walls of our house. This fashion is gradually disappearing and returned to home decoration. Now it’s very fashionable to make plate collages instead of hanging a single plate on the walls. Some time ago, the walls were getting filled with frames. Now this stream is the place to jump to the plates. When we think about it, the plates we add to the dining room and kitchen have already spread to the bedrooms.

Wall Decoration

Color and pattern harmony are really important when fitting walls with plates. Once you have achieved this harmony, you will add a corner that is warm and unsuited to your home. The results from the plate collages are so successful that I think I’ve lost myself even when choosing pictures for you. Now this plate thing is badly stuck in my mind. I’m gonna have to create a wonderful collage to fill the void behind my dining table. That’s where I’m going to think of where to find those beautiful plates. Because the way to make a nice plate collage is through nice plates. When I do some research on the internet, I can even say that you can find plates sets prepared to hang on the wall abroad. Get” lost on ebay what going> If you have decided to cover the walls with plates, you can try different sequences inspired by the examples. It is up to you whether you are in a military order at equal intervals or completely scattered. In the examples you can find even cut plates with different shapes.


To hang on the walls , you may even have porcelain, ceramic, straw or even mica . The important thing here is that it fits your home and gives you joy. Maybe it’s time to evaluate the only remaining plates in the house or to uncover the plates you have left behind from your family, but you cannot grind them. I recommend you take a look at the pictures for inspiration before covering the walls with plates;)

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